224 luxe defined crease brush

A lightweight, super fluffy eyeshadow brush to add a hint of color in the crease.

Eye Brush

Rose Golden Vol.1




To ensure the high quality and durability of your brush.

Best For

Adding a soft hint of color in the crease or the inner eye corner.

Made Of

A natural-synthetic hair blend/treated goat hair.

Applies Best

Powder textures.

Brush Shape

Long, fluffy shape with extra flexibility to add a hint of color where needed.

Pro Tip

Use sweeping motions to blend.

What Is It?

Add a soft hint of color in the crease or the inner eye corner with our **ZOEVA 224 Luxe Defined Crease brush**. This soft eye blending brush seamlessly blends loose and pressed eyeshadows in the crease and inner corner for a smooth, natural effect thanks to its long, soft natural-synthetic hair blend. Unlike similar-looking brushes, this brush shape is round and less dense to deliver a soft, natural hint of color where needed or to support seamless blending. Handcrafted with love. \n Content: 1 Brush. Full length: 16 cm. Hair: natural-synthetic hair blend / treated goat-hair. Designed in Germany. Traditionally handcrafted and made in China. Product Code: SB224RG1

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