119 bronzer

Your go-to, fluffy bronzer brush to effortlessly apply and blend bronzer for a sun-kissed look. Vegan.

Silver ferrule with a black wooden handle




For high quality and durability of your bronzer brush.

Best For

Apply bronzer in a smooth, seamless way like never before for a healthy, naturally-enhanced look.

Made Of

Pure synthetic hair.

Applies Best

Gel, cream and liquid as well as powder textures.

Brush Shape

Round, fluffy shape that picks up the right amount of product for a natural finish.

Pro Tip

Use sweeping motions to blend and dabbing motions to add intensity.

What Is It?

Apply bronzer in a smooth, seamless way like never before with our vegan **ZOEVA 119 Bronzer** brush for a healthy, naturally enhanced look. The silky soft and smooth, pure synthetic hair leaves a natural, evenly blended finish, even on top of foundation. Thanks to its round, fluffy shape, it picks up the right amount of powder and applies it with ease in a natural way. Handcrafted with love. Content: 1 Brush. Full length of brush: 16 cm. Hair: pure synthetic hair. Designed in Germany. Traditionally handcrafted and made in China. Product Code: SB119-R1

Good to Know

Perfect Pairing Save 20%

Pair with our versatile, easy-to-blend bronzer highlighter duo that gives you that sun-kissed, healthy glow with ease. Vegan. Cruelty free.